Floor Plans

The Blue Collection

Homes in the Blue Collection comprise of 3 bedrooms, single garage homes that are 159 square metres in total size, and are best suited to the 300-400 square metre blocks.

The only addition to that is the Blue Mercury, which is the 3 bedroom plus study plan, and is also the largest in this category, with a total of 159.75 square metres.

Floorplans in the Blue Collection include:

Blue Antares
Blue Mercury
Blue Millennium
Blue Neptune
Blue Sirius

The Green Collection

The Green Collection is designed to fit better on the slightly larger blocks and allow for more internal living than the Blue Collection. Most of these plans are four bedroom double garage plans however the Green Caster is a large three bedroom plan designed for more open plan living than more bedrooms.

Floorplans in the Green Collection include:

Green Antares
Green Caser
Green Mercury
Green Millennium
Green Sirius

The Purple Collection

The Purple Collection comprises of beautiful homes that have been specifically designed to fit on all corner/unique blocks and also on our largest blocks. These are designed to maximise light and internal living without compromising on the outdoor space.

Floorplans in the Purple Collection include:

Purple Astra
Purple Neveah
Purple Orion

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